About Us

Learning Tree Academy

The first years of a child
A child's first years of formal education are crucial in determining future success as a student and indeeed as an adult. Our goal is to make certain that each child has a positive, meaningful, and successful experience. Communication between home and school is an essential component of that success. Please let us know of any concerns or questions. We welcome your involvement.

Learning Through Play
Lawton Public Schools recognizes that young children do not learn in the same manner as older children. Young children learn best through direct encounter with their world. Indeed,"play is child's work". At Learning Tree Academy we will focus on the whole child, to include social, emotional, physical, intellectual, and developmental growth. Our goal is to provide a program with a strong base of experiences that are essential to future learning. Our curriculum is based on the Oklahoma Pre-Kindergarten Standards. Copies are available through the LPS website.

Regular attendance and punctuality are important to your child's school success and imperative to receive the maximum benefit of our pre-kindergarten program. Please make every effort to see that your child attends daily and is present for the entire school day.

Parent/ Teacher Communication
On a regular basis the school will send home a newsletter. This will keep you informed as to upcoming events at the school. Teachers will provide specific information about their own classes. Two parent/teacher conferences are scheduled each year, however, you may call and set up a conference with your child's teacher at any time.

Parent Involvement
Any successful school program is dependent on parental involvement. Please feel free to come visit or volunteer. We encourage your participation.

We will value one another.
We will not laugh at or make fun of a person's mistakes
We will use good manners.
We will cheer each other to success.
We will help one another.
We will recognize and applaud every effort.